“World class import pedigrees”

"World class pedigree imports"


Karma Vom Nordosten Haus

Karma is our largest breeding female West German Shepherd Dog showline with an excellent disposition. Karma is 95 pounds, 63cm with massive head and deep mahogany red. Karma’s size and appearance can be very intimidating, but she is one of the sweetest West German Shepherd Dog showline you will ever encounter. Karma is highly intelligent with strong will and very eager to work and learn when she is in training. In our opinion, Karma has more common sense than some of our human friends. Common sense is not something that can be trained, but is something that is genetically passed on. Karma has some of the best open pedigree in the West German Shepherd Dog showline. Pedigree’s include VA Tor di Casa Nobili, Sch3, KKL, A1 normal, VA Kevin vom Murrtal, Sch3, KKL, A1 normal, VA Vando vom Moorbeck, Sch3, IPO3, KKL1, A1 normal, and world champion VA1 Ulk von Arlett, Sch3, KKL1, A1 normal. Karma has proven to produce large, massive bones and heads in all her puppies.

Grety De Eldorado

WOW! When describing Grety’s pedigree, that’s all you can say. Her mother is from the haus Milesevac bloodline. Check out youtube https://youtu.be/tTqceoATeMI Have you ever seen so many trophies and awards in one room?!  Grety is a stunning, large-boned female who has proven herself to be exceptionally intelligent and agile. Her deep red colors and large structure make her one of our most beautiful females. Her grandfather is IPO3, VA5 Yoker Vom Pendler. He is large, excellent strength with very good expression and in very good relationship developed. High Widerrist, very good upper and Unterlinie, very good croup length and - layer, balanced chest conditions, absolutely correct bending in the pre and rear spar and, straight front. The Rüde in front and in the back correctly stepping shows very liquid spacecreative courses with strong supply and free precedence.