“World class import pedigrees”

"World class pedigree imports"


​​​Zornig Nord

Nord is our top premier stud dog imported from Europe with excellent hips and superb temperament. Nord is 110 pounds, 70cm, with large, massive bones. Some of the most distinctive features of Nord are his gorgeous dark mask, deep mahogany red, and thick gorgeous showline coats. Nord is trained in protection work and has one of the most balanced working drives you will find in the West German Shepherd Dog showline. When Nord is not working on biting the sleeves, he is the sweetest and most gentle creature on the face of this planet. Nord has some of the best pedigrees in the world, including his grandfather: #1 dog in North America VA1 Cobra D’Ulmental (top 10 in the world), Sch3, KKL1, A1 normal, who is also the son of two time world champion 2xVA1, Remo vom Fitchtenschlag, Sch 3, KKL1, A1 normal. Nord has proven to continuously produce solid temperament puppies and excellent family protection dogs.   Available for stud.

Cooper Von Jordanhaus

We were searching for an outstanding long coat male and we found Cooper.  His father is VA, IPO3 Kkl passed Pepe vom Leithawald Hip: SV: HD a-fast normal (a2) - Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1). Mother is VA1 (ROM) Hanka von Bellissimo IPO1, Kkl passed. Hanka is medium-strong, expressive, good withers, straight back, short, slightly sloping croup, very well angled front and rear, balanced breast conditions, straight front, with good step forward. Nice expressive female, correct building conditions with standard size. The grandfather is SchH3, IPO3, VA Omen vom Radhaus as described with full pigment, large size, strong, with very good height-length ratio, very good top and bottom line, very good type and expression, strong head, very good forehead approach. High, long withers, very good position and length of the croup, very good preangles, very good position and length of the shoulder blade, very good hinterhandwinkelungen, Kräftie maces, firm ankles, balanced chest conditions, absolutely straight front and Step sequence, space-gripping, very dynamic gears, powerful replenishment and free passage. Anatomically correctly constructed male with a very good imprint. Suitable for improving anatomy, pigmentation, gaits and type and expression.  Available for stud.

Maverick Von Jordanhaus

Maverick, who is a rich black and red long coat additional to our kennel, is the paternal son of legendary VA VA1(USA) Schumann von Tronje IPO2. Schumann is described as rich, strong, dry and solid, very good building conditions, very good expression, very good Pigmented, very good character. High, long withers, straight, fixed back, very good length and position of the croup. Very well angled, balanced chest conditions, straight front. Flat over the ground aisles with very powerful replenishment and free advancement at very good profoundness. Suitable for the improvement of the size factor, the pigment and the anatomy. Maverick is also the maternal grandson of VA3 Italy SG4 BSZS Kimbo v.d. Tempelhoeve IPO3, who is described as Large, full of strength and content, dry and solid. Very good head, high withers, very good top line with correct length and position of the croup. Very good angles of the front and hind legs, correct front. Balanced breast conditions, kicking straight back and forward, very good stride with very effective replenishment and free advance. Safe nature, driving behavior, self-confidence, resilience pronounced DNA.  Available for stud.

Odin Team Falvavolgyi

Odin remains in Europe as part of an outstanding breeding program.  He is the sire of a recent litter with our Grety De Eldorado.  Odin is the son of Bamadeus White Moon von Gorets and paternal great grandson of AV5 (CN), SCHH3, SG10 Miro vom Zellergrund.  His maternal great grandfather is from the highly sought after and highly regarded Bellissimo kennel.